The All In One Kit To Keep Your Home Hair & Lint Free

The All In One Fur & Lint Removal Kit

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Easily Removes Fur and Lint

The FurFree brush effortlessly removes lint and hair using the micro fibre bristles integrated within the extra-large double sided design. Simply glide the brush along the surface you wish to clean and it will effectively remove all your fur, hair and lint with ease.

Free Grooming Glove

Included within your FurFree brush kit is a FREE eco-friendly silicon grooming glove allowing you to remove any unwanted loose hair from your pets. The 180 soft silicone tipped design gives you the ability to groom long and short haired dogs, cats, horses, rabbits and other pets.

Travel Size brush

Included within your FurFree brush kit is a compact size fur remover with the same features as the full size FurFree brush. Perfect to keep in your bag, rucksack or in your car to use on the go.